Wendy's Is Selling Soft Drinks For 1 Cent

Wendy's is offering sodas for pennies for a limited period, despite rising restaurant pricing.

The fast-food chain unveiled a spectacular Christmas soft drink promotion. Wendy's will sell small Coca-Cola Freestyle drinks for a cent

starting Dec. 13. Wendy's Coca-Cola Freestyle machines provide over 100 drinks. Sprite, Fanta, and Wendy's special Dave's Cherry Cream Soda are offered.

The restaurant added in a news statement, "Whether you've been naughty or nice, everyone should treat themselves to the gift of flavor

this holiday season!" "Fans deserve to tackle their last-minute shopping and family dinner conversations with a perfectly crafted Coca-Cola Freestyle drink in hand."

You don't need to buy anything else to take advantage of this promotion. Good news for soda fans

this isn't a one-time deal. If available, customers can redeem the one-cent beverage promotion once each day.

Since this promotion is limited, people should visit their local Wendy's soon. The discount is only accessible in Wendy's app and website's "offers" area

Wendy's holiday deals include the penny soft drink promotion and many others. Every Wednesday in 2023, the chain will give away free

six-piece chicken nugget orders with any purchase, the chain announced last month. On "Wendy's Wednesday

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