Southwest Bags Emotional Support Animals

Southwest is known for its generosity with emotional support, service, and other animals on planes.

My flight from Portland International (PDX) to Palm Springs (PSP) years ago will always be memorable.

I thought I heard a peculiar squeaking noise behind me the whole time. It was probably flap parts or cargo hold stuff.

After deplaning, I turned to see the woman behind me holding a monkey and did a double take.

Southwest seems to have lost its love for pets due to people sneaking them aboard as service animals. Dallas cheap airline will join the ranks on Sept.

One dog or cat per passenger will be allowed as an emotional support animal. Dogs and cats must be leashed or in carriers.

All service animal passengers must produce a valid doctor's or mental health professional's note to the airline on departure.

Southwest will accept professionally trained psychiatric support animals (previously informally admitted as emotional support animals).

Southwest's communication department says, “As is the case today, the customer with the disability must be able to provide credible verbal

Airlines like Southwest are reporting more emotional support animal issues. An emotional support dog bit a six-year-old girl on a Southwest aircraft in February.

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