Southwest Airlines Won’t Block Middle Seats

Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines will ban middle seats until January 6. Delta and Alaska Airlines are the two major US carriers barring middle seats

over the holidays. Alaska said it would restrict middle seats on flights over Christmas and New Year. Alaska and Delta are trying to boost revenues by boosting

Since American Airlines and United stopped blocking middle seats, the public has criticized them.

JetBlue will cap seat sales at 70% until December 1. The airline cannot guarantee that you will not be seated next to another customer.

Southwest, American, and United cite pandemic studies claiming flying is safe. Hospital-grade air filters, mask laws, and thorough aircraft cleaning are cited.

Responses to Southwest Airlines Won't Block Middle Seats Public reaction to Southwest's decision was quick.

One customer said, “I'm very sad about you unblocking the middle seat. I loved my flights, but now they'll be full with masks and strangers

sitting next to you. Too bad passengers can't do anything. Passengers come first sometimes, not money. Wish you had waited till after New Year."

The news was from an October 8, 2020 IATA press release.  The data came from Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer.

The study highlighted the primary safety elements of these three manufacturers' passenger aircraft, citing commercial flying safety:

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