Small Kitchen Ideas To Never Feel Confined Again

Make the Space More Useful

Because white is a light color, choosing an all-white kitchen can quickly make a room feel bigger. The shine is amplified by cabinet fronts that are smooth and shiny and a stove set in countertops that match.

Create Your Own Island

In this designer's small kitchen, a work table that is counter-height can be used as both an island and a place to eat.

Paint Every Part

Fun way to divide up the different areas of a kitchen and make it look bigger: To add depth, use three different shades of blue. Bringing the thinnest one all the way to the top makes it stand out and opens up the room.

Turn it on

Don't make a small kitchen feel like a cave by painting only the bottom half dark. Instead, paint the top half bright. This room is linked to the forest outside by natural wood.

Cover the floor with paint

An over-the-top shiny zigzag pattern was painted on the floor of this kitchen to make it look bigger. The bright, light colors go well with the cloth of the cafe curtain.

Skip the hardware

To keep the look of being sleek, replace hardware that is visible with handles or lines that are cut out.

Put in a Set of Doors

Install sliding doors on the wall that gets the most use in your kitchen to hide it when you're not cooking or cleaning. This is a great idea for studio flats and open floor plans.

Cover up the mess

Have an old country sink or pipes that are sticking out? Avoid the problem. In other words, put in a sink skirt to hide the mess, like they did in old English country kitchens.

Make use of your island

The side of an island where people hang out can definitely work harder. If you build it with shelves instead of a solid piece of wood, it's perfect for keeping things that you don't use very often.

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