NFL Pro Bowl Star Stuck in Middle Seat on Southwest Flight

Everyone is aware of the boarding policy that Southwest Airlines has in place. You had best hope that you receive an A

or B boarding group number if you want to escape the dreaded middle seat on one of their

flights because they offer open seating. If you want to avoid the middle seat, you need plan accordingly.

Apparently, this issue is something that affects all of us, even if we are a nine-time Pro Bowl standout in the National Football

League. John Lynch is widely considered to be one of the best safeties in the history of the National Football League (NFL),

but according to the MMQB, he was recently forced to sit in the middle seat on a Southwest flight because he was in the C boarding group.

There was a chance encounter between Lynch and Peter King, a well-known NFL writer, while Lynch was leaving Denver

International Airport on Thursday. Prior to returning to Denver to cover the Denver Broncos' preseason loss to the San

Francisco 49ers on Saturday, Lynch reportedly attempted to catch his kid in a football scrimmage that was taking place in

San Diego. King claims that Lynch was not successful in his attempt. Lynch was unable to move out of the C-30 range.

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