M&M's Just Launched a New Spin On a Fan-Favorite Easter Flavor

America likes M&Ms—plain, peanut, pretzel, caramel cold brew, and peanut butter. A fan-favorite candy flavor is returning with a new twist,

and you'll want to snag a bag while they're in stores. Easter Sundae M&Ms are back on shelves, according to Allrecipes, so M&M fans should try them.

We don't mind Easter goodies appearing in the first week of January. This year's Easter Sundae M&Ms are better than the 2016 limited-edition flavor

"Easter Sundae M&M's are making a comeback this Easter with a slightly different flavor combo!"

they posted, along with a bag photo showing the Purple M&M's figure with bunny ears holding a hot fudge sundae.

"It looks like the last time that Easter Sundae M&M's were available was in 2016 with a mix of milk and white chocolate, but this year's version has a dark chocolate

M&Ms with white and dark chocolate sound delicious—and better than milk chocolate with white chocolate.

We love dark chocolate M&Ms, so this could work. If you want an ice cream sundae but don't have the ingredients, this will satisfy you!

Though not the craziest M&M's flavor, @snackolater said it's "definitely a great combo if you're a fan of dark and white chocolate."

"Favorite is M&M peanuts, second is almond M&Ms but I will try the new ones whenever they are available," a user said.

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