McDonald's Is Selling a Hot Dog Snack Wrap

Since McDonald's removed Snack Wraps in 2016, fans have missed them. Some can still eat a McDonald's Snack Wrap, but only outside the US.

In South Korea, McDonald's serves their own version of the famous dish. Hot dogs shine instead of chicken. In 2022,

South Korea introduced a "Happy Snack" called the "Sausage Snack Wrap" with a hot dog, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and smoky bacon sauce in a flour tortilla.

A few weeks ago, food Instagram account @snackolator asked followers if they would try the Sausage Snack Wrap if it meant Snack Wraps would return to the U.S.

One responder asked, "Would I try one!?" Hell, I'll go to Korea to acquire one." However, many disliked it. "Absolutely not," another Instagram user said.

McDonald's USA discontinued Snack Wraps in 2016 due to inefficient assembly. Franchisees demanded the product's withdrawal, per

Business Insider. McDonald's Snack Wraps, released in 2006, had grilled or crispy chicken, lettuce, sauce, and shredded cheese in a warm tortilla.

McDonald's plans to bring back Snack Wraps seven years after removing them. At an investor day at the beginning of the month,

McDonald's USA president Joe Erlinger said that the Snack Wraps will return as part of its McCrispy line expansion.

Erlinger stated McDonald's McCrispy Snack Wrap is "still in the early days" of development, thus its launch date is unknown.

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