McDonald's Is Bringing Back Its Massive Double Big Mac This Month

If McDonald's large Mac has never been 'large' enough for you, take note. The fast-food company is bringing back the renowned burger's extra-large variant after years.

McDonald's said the Double Big Mac will return on Jan. 24. The Big Mac has two beef patties, special sauce, pickles, shredded lettuce, chopped

onion, and American cheese on a sesame seed bun. Except for four beef patties and more Big Mac sauce, the Double Big Mac is identical.

Did anyone order a glow-up? McDonald's Big Mac will be bigger and spicier in 2024."We have the official scoop," McDonald's announced.

McDonald's fans have tried the enormous sandwich before. In March 2020, McDonald's offered the Double Big

Mac temporarily. Nation's Restaurant News reports that Canada and Britain sell the sandwich.

Over time, McDonald's has offered more unique Big Macs. McDonald's unveiled the Double Big Mac in the US in 2020, along with a limited-

edition "Little Mac" with one beef patty. McDonald's outlets in the UK and Canada have served a rare Chicken Big Mac with chicken patties.

Visit your local Mickey D's later this month to try the Double Big Mac if you're curious. The sandwich is limited-time only. McDonald's didn't list the limited-edition

The Double Big Mac will return less than two months after the fast-food business announced it will offer larger burgers. At a Dec. 6 investors meeting

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