Legendary NYC Restaurant Is Closing Without Notice

If you've always wanted to dine at David Chang's Momofuku Ko, we have terrible news with a silver lining. After years in New York City, the restaurant is shutting permanently.

Momofuku Ko announced its permanent closure on Nov. 8 in a statement. After 15 years, nine of them in the East Village, its counter-service tasting menu will end.

In 2004, Momofuku opened its Noodle Bar. "The culinary world is much different than it was 20 years ago [when Momofuku began]," the restaurant claimed. "We're excited to show you our development sites.

Momofuku Ko, which launched in 2008, revolutionized fine dining by using foie gras and caviar in unconventional dishes. Customers may watch cooks operate from chairs facing an open kitchen.

The restaurant received two Michelin stars and the James Beard Foundation's Best New Restaurant award a year after opening, two impressive awards for a crowded counter seating, low lighting, and loud music restaurant. 

Ko currently serves a 10-course tasting menu over three hours for $280 per person. Ko's signature dishes, such cold fried chicken with roe and ranch dressing and Chicken Katsu sandwich with foie gras, are still available at the bar. 

"The funny thing is—I don't know if you guys know this—we never wanted a fancy restaurant," Chang informed the crew. "Ko started as a $75 tasting menu. I didn't launch Momofuku for fame or sommeliers."

Momofuku is expanding, so we'll likely see more variants in the coming months. However, Ko was a classic and had a major effect on NYC eating. 

To claim "I was there when…," visit Momofuku Ko this week and enjoy fois gras one final time.