Huge Onion Recall Was Just Issued Due To Salmonella

When you don't want to chop vegetables, pre-cut ones from the grocery store are convenient. However, chopped onions bought and kept in the previous several months may need to be discarded promptly.

Gills Onions recalled many fresh sliced onions due to salmonella contamination. The FDA linked a salmonella case to the company's onion products, prompting the recall. At least 73 individuals in 22 states are sick, with 15 hospitalized.

Salmonella causes 1.35 million illnesses and 420 fatalities in the US annually, according to the CDC. Diarrhea, fever, and stomach pains usually appear six hours to six days after infection.

Most salmonella patients recover without therapy, but severe cases may need hospitalization or antibiotics. Infants, seniors, and those with compromised immune systems are particularly susceptible to severe salmonella infections.

Diced yellow onions, celery, mirepoix, and red onions are among the Gills Onions goods recalled. Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington grocery shops stocked these items.

The recalled goods should have August 2023 use-by dates and are no longer accessible in retailers. Gills Onions warned that some consumers may still have these onion goods in their freezers.

The notice specified the recalled items' use-by dates, lot numbers, and UPC codes. It listed states and merchants where each item was sold. 

Customers who still have a Gills Onions product may verify whether its UPC number and expiry date match the recall statement. Photos of package use-by dates are also included in the notification.

These goods should be avoided and thrown out promptly. Gills Onions may be reached at 1-800-348-2255 or online for recall concerns.

Another large food recall has been reported in recent days. Two frozen waffle types from healthy food maker Nature's Path were recalled last week for possible allergy contamination.

Over 10,000 pounds of frozen burritos, breakfast burritos, mini tacos, and other Mexican items from Don Miguel items were recalled due to Listeria contamination.