How to Cancel a Southwest Airlines Flight & View Travel Funds

There are two flight cancellation situations. First, if you cancel a cash flight, you get a travel fund credit.  Rapid Rewards points are fully refunded

As seen in the chart above, different fare classes have varied refund policies for tickets and travel monies.

If you buy a Wanna Get Away fare with Rapid Rewards points then cancel, Southwest Airlines returns your points.

You can earn hundreds of Southwest points without flying! Additionally, Southwest provides the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Priority Credit Card and/or Premier Business

First rule of Southwest: always write down the confirmation number from the canceled flight. This is needed to access ticket travel funds.

Step 3. On the next screen, confirm the flight cancellation and refund method. A fully refundable fare allows you

to obtain a refund or save the money for future travel. You can request travel expenses for non-refundable Wanna Get Away tickets.

Travel funds require some work to view because they are not automatically added to your account. As strange as it seems, you must

find them. Remember Southwest Rule #1: Know your confirmation number from the canceled ticket.

Step 2. Enter your confirmation number, name, and captcha code. Next, click Check Now.  Add and check up to 4 trip funds simultaneously.

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