FAA Approved: Southwest Flights To Hawaii Starting Soon

It's March, yet winter feels far from over. We're still exploring for winter getaways like Cancun or Hawaii at PMTTP.

Southwest has been busy with its mechanics' labor dispute and Hawaii launch planning while we've been dealing with the cold.

The FAA has allowed Southwest flights from the West Coast to Hawaii, according to Southwest's COO, Mike Van de Ven.

CEO Gary Kelly announced Southwest Hawaii in October 2017. Southwest's planned date was late 2018, but the government shutdown slowed things down.

Southwest has historically lowered rates by over $45. The “Southwest Effect” was named by University of Virginia scholars. In the following year,

You can pay the Wanna Get Away Fare or upgrade. Southwest is my favorite airline, especially for their simple loyalty program.

I previously wrote about the fastest way to get Companion Pass status and fly to Hawaii for free with Rapid Rewards Points.

Chase Ultimate Rewards transfers to Southwest Airlines, making them another option for Hawaii. Since flights haven't been announced, we

As a Companion Pass holder till December 2020, I'm excited for more Southwest trips. Unfortunately, I booked Hawaii flights with another

carrier this year. Hawaii is my favorite location, so I wouldn't put a 2020 Southwest trip past my family. Aloha!

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