Costco's Berry Smoothie Is Finally Back At The Food Court 

Fans of Costco's shifting inventory, seasonal specials, and steeply discounted hidden treasures don't like changes to the food courts, who look forward to pampering themselves after a long shopping trip.

Costco co-founder Jim Sinegal has assured supporters that the hot dog combination pricing would stay $1.50 for life, but not all food court items are permanent.

Costco's menu has changed numerous times recently as the firm scaled down during the epidemic for safety and tested customers' reactions to new items. The berry smoothie has been a member favorite since its 2007 introduction.

"Costco's biggest mistake was changing out their berry smoothies for the fruit smoothie," one Twitter user said. Redditors said the mustard yellow tint turned them off, while courageous members said it tasted like "baby food in a cup."

Costco fans are glad to report that the berry blended beverage has returned. Fans are overjoyed and spreading the word on social media.

After a day of Costco shopping, a cool berry smoothie with pizza or hot dogs may satisfy your thirst. Berry enthusiasts are relieved that the mango taste is gone and the OG smoothie is back.

A Reddit member shared a smoothie shot on the r/Costco thread, captioning it "It's back!... Berry smoothie!" Indeed, the frozen treat is shown next to the $2.99 mocha freeze for members.

Even those who avoid the food court due to huge lineups indicated they would wait for the berry smoothie.

Redditors are disappointed that their local Costco food court still sells mango smoothies. Some retailers may have to wait for inventory, as with most supply deliveries.