Burger King Will Not Be Bringing Back This Cheap Burger

Burger King is best known for the Whopper. So it makes reasonable the chain wants to preserve the item's iconic position while rethinking brand strategy.

It's the main reason the Whopper was withdrawn from the dollar menu this year and won't return soon, according to Restaurant Brands CEO José Cil.

"The Whopper is our flagship and core product that's been around since 1957," Cil told Yahoo Finance.

"We're removing it from core discount and raising it. This is crucial to our BK U.S. strategy."

Instead, clients can chose additional value packages. "Our $5 Have It Your Way meal includes a Whopper Jr. That's a great deal, and guests like it "CEO added.

Burger King's parent business announced major menu modifications in February.

The Whopper was eliminated from the Two for $5 deal. The idea was to

reduce promotion volume. Paper coupons are also being phased out by the corporation.

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