Alaska Will Stop Flying To 14 Major Cities Next Year

Alaska Airlines was the fifth-largest North American airline in 2022 with over 41 million passengers. Starting in 2024, the airline will curtail departures to more than a dozen locations.

Service between Seattle's Pane Field and its headquarters at San Francisco International Airport would be severely affected, losing 72 flights per week and 5,400 seats.

Some of the airline's hubs will reduce 48 weekly trips to other big cities. There is service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, San Francisco and John F. Kennedy Airport, and Spokane.

The airline will curtail flights between Seattle Tacoma Airport and Sacramento, Oakland, Eugene, Portland, Atlanta, and J.F.K. Airports. The adjustments will reduce seats by 140,000.

The airline will reduce flights between other major cities somewhat less. Cirium data suggests the airline is reducing 34 weekly flights between Anchorage and King Salmon, Alaska.

The airline will also cut 37 weekly flights between Los Angeles and Washington Dulles, according to Simple Flying. Together, these modifications will cut seats by approximately 10,000.

Alaska Airlines has announced major service modifications before. According to Simple Flying, the airline cut almost 200 flights from eight itineraries from its November itinerary in June.

Transport between Boise, Idaho, Austin, Texas, San Jose, California, and Palm Springs was impacted. Between Los Angeles to Boseman, Montana and Reno, Nevada, flights were cut.

Service between Portland, Oregon, Missoula, Billings, Montana, and San Diego, California, and Salt Lake City, Utah was also cut.