A Southwest Plane Just Landed in Hawaii!

In 2017, Southwest Airlines made the announcement that they would be beginning flights to Hawaii. Not much has transpired in the time

since then. Every single one of their anticipated beginning dates for service has now passed. At long last,

we have some encouraging news to share! It is expected that a Southwest Airlines plane will have arrived in Honolulu by the time you finish reading this!

Flight Itinerary and Schedule Arrangements You have it right. It is estimated that the test flight would arrive at 2:27

p.m. HST. The flight took off from Oakland, California at 11:16 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. If it had been a paying passenger aircraft, I would

have been able to write to you from out in the air! Rather than that, the passengers on the test flight are SWA ETOPS team members and staff

In the previous year, I waited for Southwest to travel to Hawaii so that I could make use of my Southwest companion pass.

During my time on Oahu, I had a wonderful vacation and stayed in a wonderful hotel. Southwest Airlines was one of the most frequently

brought up subjects of discussion among the group of friends who were having coffee together. As much as those of us who do not reside

in Hawaii want Southwest to be a carrier in the islands, the locals want it just as much! The natives in Hawaii have informed me that this is the location

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