7 Things You Believe Are Red Flags

1. Your boyfriend wants his opposite-sex companionship

We know it's easy to hate your partner's opposite-sex buddy. Your connection doesn't have to conflict with theirs

2. You have more sex drive than him

Desire discrepancies are very common in relationships. You can discover a mutually agreeable compromise. 

3. You've got distinct spending ideals

Perhaps a suitable secondhand automobile exists. He may agree to cut down on other expenditures to save for their future buy, and she could agree and then ask for a particular amount of saving.

4. Long-distance is hard

Avoid scuttling a relationship with a partner who has so many other deal-making traits by prioritizing it so you may spend more time together.

5. Choreo? Choreplay?

It's essential to really consider all your domestic duties, including errands, vehicle washing, and bill payments. 

Then, you may each choose the ones you're most comfortable with upfront and divide the ones neither likes. 

6. Your romantic life lacks passion

Possibly one or both of you might utilize psychoeducation and open communication about what you enjoy and hate in your relationship. You can even enjoy experimenting together.

7. Social preferences differ like extroverts and introvert.

You need social time and he needs quiet time at home. Choose nights for low-key fun and outings. This only needs to be a deal-breaker if neither party compromises. 

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