10 Things To Never Say During A Breakup

"I never loved you." This sentence may be incredibly upsetting and leave emotional scars for a long time.

"It's all your fault." Putting all of the blame on the other person might lead to unwarranted guilt and anger.

"I never found you attractive." Criticizing someone for their physical appearance may be harmful and hurtful.

"I've been seeing someone else." It might be emotionally damaging to reveal that you've moved on too fast.

"I can't wait to be single again." This suggests that the connection was a burden, which may be upsetting.

"You're a terrible person." Insults and name-calling only serve to exacerbate tensions and wounded sentiments.

"I wish we never met." This eliminates whatever great experiences you have and may be quite damaging.

"I was faking it the whole time." It may be extremely draining to be accused of being fake with your feelings.

"You'll never find someone better than me." This is conceited and may be disheartening.

"I hope you suffer without me." Wishing someone sick is never a healthy or empathetic reaction to a breakup.