10 Stylish Bathroom Decorations Ideas Under $100

Add Café Curtains

Install café curtains to provide natural light and seclusion in your bathroom. Choose a patterned choice to add to the room's overall character.

Hang a Gallery Wall

Fill the barren bathroom walls with framed art. Find low-cost frames in many places. Fill the frames with artwork from coffee table books you already own or purchase a new one.

Wallpaper the Cabinets

If you have plain inset cabinets, fill the inset surfaces with peel-and-stick wallpaper. If you're artistic, you could even paint designs right onto the cabinets for a one-of-a-kind touch.

Bring in Fresh Flowers

A vase with a lovely bunch of fresh flowers may quickly improve the luxurious feel of a bathroom. Choose an artificial arrangement if you want the look to remain longer.

Repurpose Old Furniture

Consider incorporating a piece of furniture into your bathroom instead of throwing it away or selling it. For example, instead of built-in shelves, you might use an armoire to increase storage space.

Display Towels on Towels

Nothing says luxury like a well-stocked towel rack. Of course, the fresh flowers and sleek mirror add to the overall look.

Incorporate Brass Accents

Is there a simple and inexpensive method to accomplish this? Include brass accessories.

Add a Small Table

A wood stool or tiny slender side table will not only make your area appear more elegant, but it will also be ideal for holding a glass of wine, a book, a speaker, or candles.

Get an Indoor Tree

Add a tree in the corner for a low-lift makeover with huge transformational potential.

Paint Everything One Color

Choosing one hue and sticking with it will make things much easier, and this monochromatic approach is both on-trend and visually appealing.

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