7 Bold Celtic Hairstyles That Are Ageless

Loose Strands & Braids

Most ancient Celts and Vikings braided their hair. Multiple braids with loose strands were a common pattern in artworks from that period.

Angular Layers with Plait

This hairstyle combines a trendy haircut with Celtic styling. Asymmetrical layers of strands are parted angularly.

Fringe Bangs Micro Braids

Celtic ladies had loose hair with microbraids throughout the Iron Age. That style—long hair beyond the shoulders with tiny braids—is seen here.

Side Braided Low Bun

Side braids with a low bun, a bridal staple, were influenced by the Celts. Celtic ladies wore braids and buns during their weddings, according to legend.

Braided Half Updo

Celtic ladies had many kinds of braided hairstyles, some as bizarre as the one in the photo. Straight backward braids start from the front.

Small Dreadlock Twists

Celtic women in the iron era wore dreadlocks by twisting and braiding their hair. Dreadlocks were sometimes woven into little braids.

Maleficent Braids

Simply glancing at the photograph shows how unique this hairdo is. Celtic witches inspired Maleficent. This style is suitable for cosplay events.

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